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July 2020

Beginning Canvas Refresh Workshop

Sonia Nelson

Advanced Canvas Refresh Workshop

John McGowan

Advanced Zoom Refresh Workshop

Walter Pleasnick

January 2020

Toolbox of Tech Tools

Michelle Jimenez

Combining Reading and Writing

Caherine Kelley

GED / HSE Professional Learning Community

Sterling Davenport

Becoming a Learner

Tricia White

Jigsaw in Advanced ESL Classroom

Lena Nelson

Career Education Courses for Adult Ed Students

Sonia Nelson

Practical Application of Adult Second Language Acquisition

Holly Fernandez

Completing Forms Correctly from Start to Completion

Terri Emmenegger

Using Remind to Communicate with Students and Staff

Jasmine Port

Multi-Level Classroom Instruction

Sonia Nelson, Debbie Merriman, and Milia Weiss

Models of Counseling for Consortium Schools

Terri Emmenegger